Image: Kristina Wild Instagram: @Kristinawild_. Exception: Permanent NSW residents are exempt from qualifying for the National. Exception: Permanent NSW residents are exempt from qualifying for the National. UK, Chandler, Queensland, May 14, 2021 NPC & IFBB Bodybuilding Competitions Near You 2021 Like pretty much all public events, bodybuilding competitions were cancelled in 2020 due to Covid-19. If you want to be guided in the right direction or need help in any aspect of contest preparation, we have the trainer or coach for you! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We can assist you with finding coaches, posing, stagewear and more. Seeing himself as a serious competitor Jake wants to break down barriers for queer people in sporting spaces. Others are in their 40s, 50s, or 60s though you'd be hard pressed to tell the age difference in the line-up onstage. Competitor 3 Claire Bonaccorsco, New South Wales. I must also give credit to the stage lighting. Updated on:25.02.2023. Leg days. Natural Bodybuilding Australia is bringing professionalism, transparency, passion and above all, legitimacy back to the Sport of competition bodybuilding. "You really do have to be committed to be successful you can't do it half-hearted and expect to see the results and I had never really committed to anything that wholeheartedly, or not for a long time. Or, they can perform "open", against the younger competitors. This email address is being protected from spambots. We attend to every detail to assure that the process for the competitor is easy and well communicated so you have fun and feel comfortable from beginning to end. Australia, Batemans Bay, ACT, View bodybuilding videos of past years of the NPC Mother Lode, Ferrigno Legacy, Tahoe Show, NPC West Coast Classic, Dexter Jackson Classic, and coming soon, the Legion Sports Fest. Schedule your 2021 NPC, NPC Worldwide, & IFBB Pro League Contest Season! "She wouldn't allow me to come, but I couldn't stay any longer and wanted to see a good life.". He has a different view of menopause. "She didn't hear from me for two weeks and was quite upset and crying a lot when she found out because she thought I'd been killed by Bangladeshis," he said. Start planning to represent your country at these glorious international events! But the sport's very emphasis on structure brings order to life's chaos, and that can be its greatest appeal. Throughout the website, youll find videos from our IFBB & NPC contests, information, shows, schedules, and event details. ICN Queensland, Tropix, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast Bodybuilding Shows have been running for over 10 years. There are so many spaces and things that feel like they are off-limits for LGBTQIA+ people to enter or engage in. Qualify for the Australian (Season B) and City Nationals (Season A) All competitors must qualify to compete at the Australian Championships or Nationals by (1) placing Top 5 in any ICN contest 12 months prior or (2) being given a Special Invitation by their State President. 2020 IFBB PRO. The official Muscle & Fitness and IFBB Australia website. ICN Contest Calendar has two contest seasons leading to our pinnacle international events. The last one was the 2019 Arnold Australia in March of 2019. She was another competitor who was very popular with the fans. Mr Nixon said Noor Kabir was initially "reserved" and "unsure" about pursuing bodybuilding, but believed hehad the inner strength "to do something really amazing". I looked like I was thinking 'What am I doing up here?'". Australia, NSW, men's physique. figure. Amateur Event Info Open International Championships Athletes from any country welcome to compete per WNBF affiliate rules WNBF Pro Qualifier Location Brisbane . "He told me his reasons for competing and he told me about his background and what it meant to him to show people in his home country that you can achieve whatever you want to achieve and I coached him for free I found it that inspiring.". You need JavaScript enabled to view it. With no Arnold Australia taking place in 2020 due to Covid, this was a much anticipated show, not only for the Australian . Claire won her Pro Card in Japan at the Amateur Olympia in 2019, and shortly after competed in the 2019 Japan Pro. She's lost 20 kilos since first starting out not surprising, since a bodybuilder's prep diet tends to revolve around protein powder, oats, banana, chicken and broccoli. The Production is over the top and you show photos will have people asking, What IFBB Pro show was that? But most importantly, win or lose, everyone leaves feeling like a champion. Eight Pro women were scheduled to compete in the show, and the winner of the overall Amateur Bikini would also gain her Pro Card and would be eligible to compete at the Pro Show. New content is added often! WANT TO STAY IN THE LOOP? Join the free Australian Women's Natural Body Sculpting community here. I would definitely say it's a rare trait.". Sixth Place William Bonac. 2021 Events; 2020 Events; 2019 Events; 2018 Events; 2017 Events; 2016 Events; Photo Gallery; Global Sites. Female Bikini Model . It will just mean I've got to work a bit harder.". "My daughter, who's 12, won the Kids' Fitness division in Las Vegas two years ago, so she's inspired by it. Shanae had incredible condition, stage presence and presentation. Katie is a former Figure Pro, who has transitioned into the Bikini Division. Melissa definitely had that combination of muscle, condition and stage presence. Australia, Southport, Queensland, Includes all types of shows: beginners, over 40, over 50, natural, all Federations (eg NPC, IFBB etc). There has never been an Australian competitor on the Bikini Olympia stage, to the best of my knowledge, and so the opportunity to be the first one was a huge incentive. We wish you an amazing 2021 NPC contest season! She's been competing as a bodybuilder since she was 47 she's now 61. We cant wait to see how Jake performs in the competition. When I looked at bodybuilding and saw how hard it is I thought I would do that, because the only way to get through it would be to really change my mindset and habits.". Organisers have instead allowed him to compete symbolically, meaning he will compete but cannot win. But Jake believes this issue goes much deeper as he explains. Cardio. Australia, Phillip, ACT, We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Australians and Traditional Custodians of the lands where we live, learn, and work. "There's a lot of terrible things in the camps. Start planning to represent your country at these glorious international events! The theatre has a capacity of 1,500. London, Maximum length 60 seconds* Division Eligibility Beginners Athletes can compete in beginners for the first 12 months of competing within ANY federation. Exception: Permanent NSW residents are exempt from qualifying for the National. Male Fitness Model - Boardie. E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. If we say we dont like sports and convince ourselves its not for us, we arent hurt by being excluded from it.. We look forward to our return to the international events such as the Olympia and Arnold Classic as soon as the Covid no International travel period has come to an end for all Australians. He thought his competition days were over: Instead, Adrian Pietrariu willed his way to Athlete of the Year How did he do it? Her solution is to set herself a much longer prep-period than usual. Meet Jake, also known as Tara Zann. "I knew that [Strockton] trained people for shows, so I went to him and told him about my background and what I wanted to do.". Competitor 9. Strong, and confident with posing, Bridget had lots of muscle and was very conditioned. We make sure to connect you with the very best IFBB & NPC Contest Prep Coaches. Some women are as young as teenagers. Giving herself permission to wind back her training and rebalance her body has been one of her biggest challenges so far. With plenty of quality bikini competitor muscle, Katie showed a confident presence on stage, but needs a little more conditioning to be up in the higher placings. We cover everything from - training plans to posing, nutrition, tanning, costumes and supplementation so all you have to do is concentrate on being best you can. Hosting, Web Design and Maintenance by Nitro Digital Communications.. "As soon as he finished the last show, he went into Ramadan. BIKINI. Exception: Permanent NSW residents are exempt from qualifying for the National. WNBF Pro Sebastian Valdivia, Yalan Ponsford, & WNBF Australia, By Bob Bell|2022-10-06T15:59:50-07:00September 15th, 2022|Categories: Featured, WNBF Australia|, Over 33 years of stringent drug testing has made the WNBF the most respected drug free federation in the world. "Obviously with age we do slow down our type-one muscle fibre turns into type two but for a woman, her estrogen levels reduce in relation to testosterone as she goes through menopause, which means less fat retention in the lower extremities. Required fields are marked *. A new 'veloway' is welcome news for Melbourne's cyclists. Male Bodybuilding. Although the National Amateur event featured almost every IFBB division, with Mens Bodybuilding, Classic Bodybuilding, and Physique, and Womens Bikini, Wellness, Figure and Physique classes, the Pro Show was only for the Bikini division. The Pro show took place after the IFBB Pro League Australian Nationals. Find information on body building, classic, figure, bikini and physique rules plus competitions throughout Australia. "Women always think that being menopausal or postmenopausal is a disadvantage to them in the physical context," he says, "but in terms of bodybuilding it's actually the opposite: your hormonal profile is more favourable for performance. Includes all types of shows: beginners, over 40, over 50, natural, all Federations (eg NPC, IFBB etc). Now, if she's prepping, she gets up at 3am to do cardio, then sees her own personal training clients through the day, slotting in time with her coaches when she can, and weight training for two hours finally getting home at around 8.30pm. Just ask! With an Olympia Qualification at stake, you could see how hard the girls had prepped for the show. 2023 olympia qualified athletes. Male Classic Physique - Boy Leg. Australia, Southport, Queensland, Updated on: 25.02.2023 "My mouth was wobbling, everything was wobbling, but there was this sense of euphoria. Shanae has a lot of muscle on her frame, and perhaps she may have been considered a little too lean, but the improvements Shanae has made since I last saw her at the Arnold were very noticeable. 2023 oqs rules. Lots of muscle in the right places for bikini and she made a big impact. . pro results. ICN Contest Calendar has two contest seasons leading to our pinnacle international events. Your email address will not be published. The lighting for the show was perfect. Latest Competition News. We love to see our competitors reach their goals and grow each year. They might bung a knee but at least they can now do physique competitions.". '," he said. He never even told his mother of his plans. "We couldn't go outside the camp and so we had to rely on rations and that was never enough especially after we'd grown up. "I can't remember my moment on stage because I was shaking like a leaf," says Eriksen. Far fewer know their real story. Fifth Place Nick Walker, $35,000. This was the first IFBB Professional League Pro Show to take place on Australian soil in 2 years. WE MAKE COMPETING FUN! They met in 2017 through mutual friends in the Brisbane Rohingya community. This highly reputable bodybuilding federation and competition offers athletes a stage to present their passion and hard work. The athletes, the coaches, the Pro League Staff and the fans. Competitor 7 Jade McKee, New South Wales Jade came in the best condition that I have seen from her in any competition. Updated on:25.02.2023. "They might feel like they're missing out on partying.". ANB North Queensland. Female Themewear. Eriksen's next competition won't be until 2021 in New York. "My husband and I both compete so we like to take turns when he's doing his prep I help him with his prep and with the kids, and vice versa," she says. We have tested these coaches to make sure they have the knowledge to bring you all the way. Female Physique. For Wiseman, as with Eriksen and Adigos, bodybuilding is more than a sport, it's a job and a lifestyle. Noor Kabir began studying to become a qualified personal trainer. . "I wanted to give him a little bit of a push in that direction by being a friend who kind of got behind him and said, 'Why don't you just really go for this? Adigos woke up one morning eight years ago and made the snap decision that things needed to change. Check back often, have plans to add new NPC and NPC Worldwide events in 2021! fitness. IFBB & NPC Bodybuilding Contest results for Center Podium Bodybuilding Shows bikini, mens physique, classic physique, figure, fitness, womens physique . "I didn't know anything about bodybuilding or the competitions, but I wanted to go there and represent my people," NoorKabir said. Third Place Hadi Choopan, $100,000. The first two categories will see Jake/Tara compete in the traditional outfit of Speedos or boardshorts. Bridget may have been considered a little too hard, but nonetheless brought excellent condition to the stage. When competing in the different divisions such as bikini, figure, physique and fitness women might enter under a "masters" category, which indicates an older competitor and is split into age brackets such as 40-plus, 50-plus and 60-plus. INBA Australia and its state presidents are committed to each and every competitor. Trans athletes are still facing backlash for their place in the sporting world. ICN Natural Universe (Season A) and ICN World Championships (Season B). He will compete in the Sports Model and Physique categories and the INBA Angels. women's physique. It was the best thing I've ever done, "What appealed to me most was how I looked and how I felt," she says. The seating is staggered and everyone has a great view. While there are several bodybuilding drag queens around the world, it appears none do so whilst in drag. Lucky for the girls competing because I was coming to snatch trophies!, I want my community to be seen, accepted, and celebrated in all spaces they wish to enter.. Australia, West New Lambton, NSW, Plus view exclusive seminars, training videos, programs, and original content with top IFBB Pro athletes. There is so much you need to know to be ready for show day. "But being fit was nothing like that next step of competing," she says. She was definitely deserving of walking out onto that Pro stage today. Your email address will not be published. 2021 NPC. Talk about condition! AboutPressCopyrightContact. As Jake identifies as male he is not allowed to officially compete in the INBA Angels as this is a female-identifying category. Intermediate "My refugee background is my strong point," he said. Congratulations Mel on a stunning victory. Competitor 4 Melissa Carver, Victoria A noticeable crowd favourite, Melissa did not disappoint her fans. 1. Water manipulation. This category is not a bodybuilding or physique category per se and is all about the look and presentation, which means me being a male does not give me an advantage over the women in this category. Australia, Chatswood, NSW, 2019. The interest in the sport from older women only seems to be growing. Wiseman had a good base to work from, as she'd been weight-training since her 30s and had served in the Air Force for decades, which meant that she had to be fit and so she found that she was barely affected by menopause. Kakadu National Park rangers in war against feral animals as populations boom, Shoe polish stands begin to vanish, lose their shine, A Nazi-hunting nun, an accused murderer, a theatre legend: This Australian actor plays them all, They can be cheeky, nippy, and playful but these camels are also helping put a business on the map, Neurodivergent children are three times more likely to drown than their peers this class is working to change that, A sea of colour as WorldPride takes over Sydney Harbour Bridge, Elders fight to save sacred Dreaming site from radioactive waste. "It was almost like there was like a fire lit inside him honestly just blew the whole place apart. "I had to rediscover myself because I had to transition to being independent and single," she says. UK, Maidenhead, "I don't think most people have that certain willpower and desire to achieve something but he's so humble. Australia, Sydney, NSW, He will compete in the Sports Model and Physique categories and the INBA Angels. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We attend to every detail to assure that the process for the competitor is easy and well communicated so you have fun and feel comfortable from beginning to end. 2022 IFBB PRO MASTERS . Here at MPS fitness services, we specialise in competition preparation for both males and females - bikini - fitness - physique and bodybuilding. Alas, fear of backlash from other competitors and coaches has meant that I am only allowed to compete in the category symbolically.

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